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Pupil voice

Pupil Questionnaire November 2022

What our pupils tell us about their experience of school


Year 6 pupil

When I came here last year, I was surprised by how big and nice all of the classes were and how friendly all of the teachers were. It’s been really easy to make friends here and you learn about interesting things like World War Two.


Year 6 pupil

I really like the teachers here. They’re really kind and help us with anything. If there’s a problem, you can always speak to them.


Year 6 pupil

I enjoy maths so much. There are lots of tricky challenges and when my teacher explains them they’re easier to do. I also love History. We have been learning about the different types of crime and punishment through the ages.


Year 5 pupil

The education is very good here. Ever since I came here, I have learnt so much. Teachers are really good at explaining and we share our opinions about things. Everything is challenging so you don’t get bored!


Year 4 pupil

I enjoy all of my subjects here and the lessons are good because the teachers are encouraging. They’re really kind and help you improve.


Year 2 pupil

I like being at Our Lady’s because I learn so much. We do really fun stuff like Art and Science. I’ve been learning about how plants grow and I grew my own plant. I like how the children show kindness to each other and compassion.


Year 1 pupil

We practise reading every day. When the words are hard for me, I know how to sound them out. At story time my teacher reads some books to us and it is so fun. Story time is my favourite bit about school.

Pupil Voice - Home Learning, January to March 2021

It was actually fun to learn new things at home. We had our normal lessons of English, maths and then another subject every day. My favourite was learning about the Victorians in history.


Home learning was basically exactly what we do at school. I liked the fact that we still had story time everyday.

It was good to see the faces of my friends everyday. We were still learning together.


My teacher was there to help me with the work if I got stuck. She always explains things really well so that tricky things aren’t so tricky.


Because we were already doing our homework on Google Classroom since September, I knew exactly what to do.

The packs that we got sent home with number squares, a whiteboard and my sound mat helped me with my learning.