Our Lady's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Learning about being healthy

Our aim is to support and help children at Our Lady’s to grow healthily, safely and responsibly. We have Healthy Schools Status which is a nationally recognised award given to schools who support their pupils well with healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health and well-being. At Our Lady's we promote healthy lifestyles to foster good habits and fitness.  We want to give our children the starting blocks to grow into healthy and happy adults. From the very beginning, in the breakfasts we provide in the morning, to the water throughout the day, nutritionally balanced lunches and healthy snacks, we are providing a balanced and healthy diet for our children. Our breakfast club is very well attended and the school lunches, which are cooked on the premises, are very popular and are recognised by School Food Standards and the enhanced Camden Standards. Children are encouraged to bring healthy snacks for break and KS1 children are given fruit as a snack.  Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and it is available for them in every classroom. In Reception class the children are given milk and fruit every day. Children who choose to bring a packed lunch are encouraged to make healthy choices. This is monitored by our school council and by our healthy eating rules, where chocolate and fizzy drinks are not allowed. Our children love to be active.  We have regular, active PE lessons and employ qualified PE coaches to lead "Big PE" sessions every week with Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Every year we celebrate healthy activity through our Healthy Heart Day where the children learn about how their heart works, and they have the opportunity to participate in a range of physical activities e.g. Zumba dancing, martial arts and skipping workshops as well as making a healthy drink or snack.  They celebrate their sportsmanship and skills in Sports Day every year too through fun competitive and inclusive games.  Every term the children learn how to design and make healthy dishes during Food Technology days.  In the playground the children enjoy a wide range of fun physical games with their friends.  We run many sports related after school clubs including: dance, martial arts, football, cricket and sports skills.  These clubs are very popular with both boys and girls. We monitor them every term to ensure that children of all physical aptitude and gender are taking an equal and active part. Children at Our Lady's love to walk, cycle and scoot to school! Physical health and mental health and wellbeing are linked. Through the Science curriculum children are given the knowledge and skills to enable them to investigate how their body works, grows and how to stay healthy e.g. how to keep your teeth clean and strong. Through PSHCE and RSE the children learn about making healthy choices, keeping safe, making good friendship choices, staying safe and having a good body image.  These things are taught with a focus on learning the knowledge and skills needed to make good choices and class discussions with scenarios and stories to bring the issues alive for the children. We work with recognised agencies e.g. NSPCA, the Metropolitan Police, Growing Against Violence who run workshops on keeping safe and sharing worries with an adult. Children tell us that they feel safe at school and are reminded regularly to tell an adult if they have a worry.  We are always here to listen. We know that issues such as obesity, anxiety or poor body image are complex and we readily work with parents to improve this, for example through work in with our nursing service and CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and through our weekly Coffee Mornings with parents. We recently had a ‘Parent Gym’ programme which focuses on supporting parents with children’s behaviour at home. In the autumn term we are running ‘Families for Life’ with our Nursery and Reception parents.