Our Lady's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Learning about equality

We explicitly teach children about equality at Our Lady’s to support children understand that we should treat people fairly and equally, no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. We support children to understand that we are all different, and we are all equally valuable in the world. It is through promoting equality and diversity and recognising and respecting differences that we can live in an inclusive and a more–equal society.

The children learn about inspirational people who have promoted equality and changed our world, for example Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malala, The Suffragettes and Nelson Mandela. The children take part in workshops and drama to learn about these inspirational lives. They reflect on the qualities that they share with the inspirational people and think about how they can recognise that difference is a gift from God and how they themselves can be fair and just to others.