Our Lady's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Parent voice

What do parents tell us about their experience of the school?

As a parent, I was so grateful for the help our family received while children were learning from home. We didn’t have a laptop at home to work on and the school provided one.


I have to praise the staff at Our Lady’s. They were so helpful with any technical difficulties I had. They were so patient and talked me through things step by step.


As a working parent, having the live lessons helped my son stay motivated. It was important to see his friends learning with him every day. He didn’t feel so alone.

It was great to have a clear daily timetable with maths and English and then another subject like history in the afternoons. I was really impressed with the teaching and my daughter enjoyed her lessons. She continued to work hard and learn throughout.


I think the way you guys have handled the zoom learning is amazing!! My * (year2) loves it & it’s so lovely to be able to watch her learn also.  Mr * is doing such a good job. So just wanted to say thanks :) 


I wanted to let you know how impressed and grateful we are with *'s teacher – Ms *. I just wanted to point out how happy we are with Ms *’s teaching throughout the entire lockdown. Her passion, commitment and drive to teach has kept the children engaged. It is something we are extremely proud of and grateful for – she has clearly put in a lot of hard work and is so dedicated during what has been a difficult and challenging time for all of us, * attended every day and that was because of the amazing enthusiasm Ms * gave back to us.  


We wanted to say thank you to all of you that have been doing such a brilliant job providing and delivering home schooling in such a way that kept us engaged.  


 I wanted to thank the school and *’s teacher Ms * for the great zoom home schooling sessions. They have been so invaluable for *.  She’s looked forward to them everyday and it’s kept her feeling very much involved and part of the classroom. I wrote to Ofsted back in Jan to highlight this and to say how well I as a parent thought the school was delivering the online home schooling zoom sessions etc.